Monday, April 29, 2013

When things just work.

Admittedly my fault for letting my 3 1/2 year old use my expensive Beyerdynamics reference headphones for listening to Dora on her tablet, but still when the audio started to cut out on one side after only 3 months I was a little disappointed.
Foxtone sold these headphones refurbished for a very fair price with a warranty. Beyerdynamics warrants the parts and labor on these cans for 2 years! The unnervingly unorthodox return method made me a bit hesitant but I had so many obligations on my plate last week that I didn't have time to worry or put much more thought into their return process. Shipped my headphones to some guy in New Jersey.
A little over a week later I have them back and in perfect working order. It's awesome when systems just work and you know no one was out to screw you in the process, its exceedingly rare these days which makes it all the more wonderful when it happens.