Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Paleo 2013

Paleo was the most searched diet on Google in 2013. This is not really surprising to me but it does make me really happy. It gives me hope that I will see the price for grass fed and finished beef go down while CAFO's start to decline. Remember, food stamps are accepted at Whole Foods also.
Top diet searches for 2013.

Friday, December 13, 2013

4th interview I've had this week. I have a good feeling about one of the places. They gave me a tour of the place on my second interview. This job could allow me to turn my career towards Cisco like I have been dreaming since I got out of school.
Thanks for listening to my psychobabble. I got the feeling this week out of nowhere that I will be ok here. I can really get used to this. I don't see myself ever going back to LA. If it turns out Austin is not the right fit for me then I will just go someplace else. Keep in touch, yes, that means YOU reading this.