Saturday, March 15, 2014

Roof rack

This is a fuckin power play takin' right from the Hoover handbook. If
you need something that doesn't exist, don't be afraid to experiment
and make it!
I'm carrying a heavy 12' ext ladder for work. I could either try to
sell my car and get a truck or buy a motor home, ditch renting and
make my crv work as a work truck.
This extended roof rack is solid as all get out. The black bars on top
were 100 dollars total and assembled like a treat. The extension bar
on back was 99 bucks at Home Depot. I included the diagram I drew out
so you can copy it.
I will save at least 300 bucks a month on rent now and have my own
little place that I can do whatever I want in. Rent is for suckers.