Sunday, May 19, 2013

It may be smarter to rent

This guy is really good with money. I have read his book. For people like me (individuals/singles) it may not be the best move to buy real estate.
I will teach you to be rich.

Go check it out, it's a very refreshing perspective.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Red meat causes Cancer.

I'll put this in text so you can know exactly how I perceive this topic and so you don't think I am changing my words/story. I do not believe red meat causes cancer. I'm not including processed (deli meats) or CAFOs in this statement because as someone who subscribes to the Paleo style approach I remain wary of those products. That does not mean that I never eat those meats but I do try to avoid them when I can.

It makes sense to me that the fewer processes you subject your food to in preparation of eating, the healthier the food will be. These days no food is perfect. Grass fed cows graze on grass that might be sprouting on top of soil soaked with crop fertilizer run off and you would never know. I just think that is better than cows fed corn that was directly treated with pesticides and genetically modified to resist a list of conditions. I don't think cavemen were dropping dead from cancer, or maybe they just didn't live long enough to get cancer.

There was a study where "millions" of people were questioned on their eating habits and researchers came to the idea that red meat must be the culprit I guess. I have not read the study but I've hear a lot of people freak out about it in the media. I don't think you can ask millions to recall what they ate the night before and write it on a piece of paper a "study." For me a study needs to be a little more controlled for me to give it any sort of cred.  I will list sources below that have convinced my feeble brain that it is ok to eat meat. Read over them and let me know why you think these sources or studies are bunk.

Red Meat: Part of a healthy Diet? Great post because Robb links to the sources he references.

Paleo podcast episode 70. Robb addresses this red meat cancer study directly. The show is also transcribed for the hard of hearing.

Time Magazine Can a High-Fat diet beat Cancer?

Paleo Diet Site- member submission- Nurse goes against what she was just taught in nursing school.

Meat does not cause cancer Science writer with an interest in nutrition but cites his sources.

There are undoubtedly many more sources out there saying that red meat does not cause cancer.. Why is good beef (fatty cuts of steak)more expensive? Because it's more nutritious? Because it's a comfort food (twinkies are cheap)? It doesn't cost much to raise a grass fed cow that eats only the free grass that just keeps growing out the ground. If a calorie is a calorie then why don't we price food by caloric content? This is just food for though.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Robb Wolf covered the topic of sleep on his Paleo Solution podcast. You can listen to this Episode 181 if you wonder how important sleep is and the role it plays metabolic/hormone derangement.

Robb and Dr. Parsley cover why you typically get sick on vacation, cortisol and how/why your body uses and produces it, sleep debt, fight or flight response and many more factors that explain why sleep is the most important act in your life second only to breathing!

Download the free podcast to your phone and listen in your car on the way to work.