Friday, June 10, 2011

When you need to laugh

It's friday so I hope you have a smile on your face already. I want to introduce you to some site that you may not know of yet. I warn you now though, these will suck you in for long periods of time and not let go until your eyeballs turn to raisins.
The Oatmeal

This guy just shot me an email and told me he liked my blog so of course I had to go check his out. The name got my curiosity. I've been dieting like a gym rat and my two favorite sources of carbs are Oatmeal and Grits (actually sweet potatoes makes 3). Anyway, when I read this blog on Grits I realized this dude is in the right frame of mind. He and his crew are the real deal, good people that value friendship and a hearty breakfast. I love these dudes already.

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