Monday, January 9, 2012

WPA cracking?!

A new open source tool called Reaver can crack WPA in most instances because of a weakness Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS). WPS uses a hard coded pin when making WPS connections. Therein lies it's fault. A strong password should be used with any type of wireless encryption. Cisco Valet and Linksys routers seem to be definitely vulnerable because while the the web interface for the router says you have turned WPS off, it remains on. The best protection seem to be to flash your router's firmware to DD-WRT. I'm guessing Tomato would probably work really well too.

If your Router is not able to be flashed to a different firmware then contact your local nerd in the next few months and pay them to get you a different router and flash it for you and have them explain how to use the web interface. Learn how to check your network logs for the latest activity.
I enjoy breaking wifi encrypted signals when I can. I choose not to enter someone's personal home network because it is illegal and I'm frankly not really interested in anything on their network.
Stay safe. Stay private. Stop posting your crap on facebook.

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