Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Only 2 Nov. post!

Sad, I only made 2 posts this month. I really slacked off on my goals this month. I got a lot done at work. Went through a lot of shit with Ebay. Don't ever try and ship a heavy bulky guitar amp. Had it out with my roommate. Found another place to live (My next post should be from my new place). I joined Facebook, never thought I would. My mom had gallstones removed. I was ok at going to the gym. This is probably the first year I did not participate in Thanksgiving. I stayed home, studied music theory and relaxed, it was wonderful. Had to sell my dslr camera. Shit comes up and I just can't seem to hold on to those things. Hopefully I can get a decent camera later. I took a crap ton of pics with the girls at dogfest before I sold it.

I look forward to setting up my new living room with some basic workout equipment (tall wooden box, heavy logs, etc). Not looking forward to Christmas. Looking forward to writing some music with my friend Joey. Looking forward to the work's Christmas party in Lafayette. Times like this I like to look to my brother Joel and remember not to take shit so seriously.

This guy got his money's worth.

I LOVE Bostons! Seriously, Look at the coat on this bitch!

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