Thursday, November 21, 2013

Before you get started on Christmas

I haven't posted anything serious in awhile because I have been prepping to move to Austin. I have spent a lot of time reflecting and trying to figure out whats most important to me without other peoples ideas influencing me.
As Christmas is approaching take some time to think about what you want to give those you love. What do you bring to the table? You are not money. You are acquired skills. You are integrity. You are a wall to lean against. You are an emotional receptical. You are a live wire.
My family and friends that spend time with me and really talk with me, I love you so much. Even you that don't see eye to eye with me and tolerate my views I love you shit tons also.
I saw this on Reddit and that's what kind of inspired this post. Put in over time with friends and family and not work. I'd rather spend 3 hours talking to you over coffee than receive a flat panel tv from you.

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