Monday, January 20, 2014

So Far, So good.

I love Austin so far. So much has happened in the last month and a half  that it feels like I have been here for 6 months.  I don't have much time to go into details but I'll try and give you the cliff notes with pics. I'm working a temp. job that pays a small fraction of what I used to make but I love the job while I'm waiting on my next IT job to come through.

My room mate's friend. I didn't know her mouth could get that big. This is around the corner from the place I'm crashing. Bar is Called Rumi's

This pic doesn't accurately convey the size of Matt's dogs. The white pit (Rebel) has a head the size of a fucking bowling ball.

My next door neighbor making a grocery run for the bbq with me. Cool fucking dude.

The morning after the polar vortex. It was brutal cold. Got to 12 degrees here. We're in the middle of a drought here.

I was hanging out downtown the other night and thought the capital looked nice.

I was riding to Iguana's restaurant the other day and realized I have never seen a damn. This is holding back the tsunami like waters of lake travis.

Don't let it's receding waters fool you. That lake is dynamite.

My room mate Matt and his little boxer Tyka. I've never seen a dog with more energy. This nugget of turd has absolutely convinced me that I do not want a boxer, ever!

I want to tell you more but I have to get up early tomorrow for work. I love you, ya sexy bitch.

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