Friday, May 9, 2014

So long IT.

So my life has taken a sudden and exciting turn. I found a job restoring old muscle cars. Its a blast. I never considered it a valid opportunity because I thought there was no money in it. I've cut down my cost of living so much that I was able to get my foot into this field. I have the opportunity to pick up a little Geo Metro that I can use as a mobile paint station and I will learn how to do body work also. It's a strange feeling leaving behind your formal education to pursue a different field but I could have saved much of this trouble by paying closer attention to the real business men that I have had in my life. There is a real comfort in finding my niche. I really thought I was doomed to a life of cubicles and pharmaceuticals to cope with the florescent reality.

Austin is changing me into the person I have wanted to be but I don't think Louisiana could afford for me to become. I'm more scared than I have ever been and more excited and happy than ever also.

I have to run to work now but here is a 68 GT 350 that I am currently working on. As always, I love you and hope you are having a great morning. I'll post more pics soon and really try and update this dealio more often.

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