Monday, June 2, 2014

The end is nigh


The economy will collapse on July 1st 2014 according to this video. A trusted friend sent me this video. I'm sharing it with you (readers of my blog) because you know how fickle people on facebook are.Watch this video in the link above and decide for yourself whether you should start prepping.

I have looked at a lot of material on doomsday prepping. The good news is that all you really need is a decent rifle (more power than a .22 cal), as much ammo as you can get, and shelter. This is assuming you live in a heavily wooded area. If you live in a major metropolitan area, I recommend a tactical 12 ga. shotgun. If you live in the city try to be the first to grab antibiotics and pain killers. Those drugs will be worth their weight in gold in this post apocalyptic situation. Obviously it would be wise to learn how to grow some vegetables and maybe have a couple blankets lying around.

Admittedly, I don't know if the economy will actually collapse on July 1st. In my heart, I believe economic collapse is imminent. I can easily picture it happening this year and I will be shocked if it holds up for another 3 years. If you want a harder date then start studying economics. I believe the bottom line is, you cannot consume more than you produce and expect that situation to play out forever.

Either way, don't expect the people at the top to let you know when the tide is about to roll in. Pay attention. Watch as many videos about survival as you can. Prep for a storm that is inevitable. Make a plan and a backup plan.

I bought a fishing pole, some good knives, a rifle, and my home is on a frame propelled by 6 liter diesel engine. Yes, feel free to call me a crack pot. My parent's generation got to enjoy endless credit and loans during the Regan administration. I say their generation because my parents were actually poor. I grew up in a foster home during the Regan administration.

If it sounds like I am crying woe is me, listen up. If the economy collapses, this is an opportunity to be your very best.
You will quickly learn to be a master manipulator and/or how to barter.
You will finally know what real food is. Hint. It's not corn starch covered in bright orange monosodium glutamate (cheetos).
You will develop a sense of community that only your grandparents were aware of and your parents likely dream of.
You will no longer have a genetic "weight issue."
You will likely be emotionally richer than you are today with possibly more material wealth too.
You will be truly free to express yourself.

Good luck to ya. Hope you are doing well. Feel free to email me and call me a crack pot.

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