Monday, February 2, 2015

Second Maui post

So my brain isn't working yet this morning and I hit the send button a little early on that last post. I've been wanting to make new blog post since I got here to Maui but as you can imagine, I've  been busy trying to get on my feet. I now have a job, a car, and I'll be moving into my place with a roommate on Feb 5th. This place is expensive..... why? you ask. Cause it can be. Everyone wants to be here. I've met so many cool people since I have been here. The scenes out here are amazing. I feel like I live in a tropical rain forest. So far I love this place. The main draw back is I want to jam to Machine Head sometimes and this place is so serene much of the time that it feels weird to listen to something so dark and heavy. I'll try and put together much of the video I've taken and post it here soon. When I move into my place I'll have better electricity and wifi to post more. Here's some pics I've taken in the meantime.
Chillin' on the beach in front of our camping spot in Olowalu.

 Honolua. Great tourist spot. It's some driving to get to but worth it. The spots in the water are people swimming.
One of the views from the road to Honolua.
 One of the many fat JJ Abrams Mantis' outside our tent.
 Fisheye view from the parking lot of our camp ground.
 New beach we'll be camping at in Kahalui / Wailuku.I like the algae on the rocks.
 These are like pine trees but the needles hang,are soft and resemble segmented bug legs up close. From this distance it looks like someone smudged the foliage in photoshop. It's not moss.
Biggest snail I've ever seen out in the open. If you are viewing this on a pc monitor then it is probably close to life size.

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