Sunday, November 13, 2011


Lots to catch up on here. Carly (my g/f) took Joaney and I to the Aquarium of the Americas in downtown New Orleans last weekend (See pics below). Kinda freaky when I think about it cause if I fall into the water when swinging onto one of these drilling rigs then that's what I'll be swimming with (Gar, sharks, sting rays and fish larger than sharks.) I'm working for a tech support company that supports many offshore rigs.
Finally got my iphone 4s. Love this thing! I haven't been a big fan of Macs in the past but their mobile platform is outstanding. I've figured out how to do things on this phone faster than any of my past phones (Symbian, blackberry). I've had it for almost a week and I haven't sexually harassed Siri yet! My coworker could resist asking her what she was wearing though. She promptly responded "You have the wrong assistant."

I picked up and Eleven Rack guitar preamp the other day on ebay for dirt. This thing really sounds like some of the amps it is modelling! I say some because I've never heard a Soldano, Splawn, or a Titan head but they sound amazing modeled. I can't wait to start tracking guitar for the stuff I've been recording lately. If you need help updating the firmware on one give me a buzz. I fought it for a week and I can quickly walk you through the confusing process!

My brother is starting to build guitars. Like anything he tries, he has dove head first into modifying, painting and assembling guitars. I've been really surprised at some of the stuff he has done so far. I'll try and post some pics soon of his latest works.

 She wasn't crazy about the birds.

 Joaney, Mady and Kate
Joaney and Mady

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