Monday, September 17, 2012

Paleo lifestyle

Let me start by admitting I don't have all the answers or have it all
figured out. I do have very strong beliefs based on what I have
experienced, read, heard and seen. It is appropriate to add to the
cliche that one should not discuss politics, religion and now diet in
public. I'd actually much rather discuss politics or religion but I
have interest in neither.
I will try to keep this short since I'm about to go to work and I'm on
my phone in a dark parking lot at 5 am.
If you are having problems sleeping, with joint pain, type 2 diabetes,
asthma, allergies or just about any autoimmune disease, please look
into the paleo diet and exercise. The diet is a huge part but just
because you are losing weight, doesn't mean you are getting healthier.
Cancer victims lose weight, we have all seen it. Sugar and grains are
killing you very slowly. I don't want you to buy into the idea that
you need statin drugs because you have "messed up genetics" and you
are screwed by default. I know you can reverse all of these problems.
Wether you believe in god or evolution is irrelevant for this diet to
work. I know we are magnificent beings that we're not designed to
break down as soon as we stop growing. I will make another post soon
with links showing how sugar addiction can be stronger than crack
addiction. A former crack addict in "The Paleo Solution" book actually
says this somewhere around page 210. Its so important to keep your
blood sugar stable though. I would challenge you to do it for just 2
weeks. Get some blood work done before and after and don't even
workout if you don't feel like it and I think you and your doctor will
be shocked at the results. I care about you and wish you the best

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