Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Storm

We are all safe. It looked like we were gonna flood there for a minute. They did a controlled break on the dam to relieve some pressure. My roommate told me the power is back on at our house in Loranger. My g/f and I stayed in Baton Rouge last weekend at a hotel since the power was out at both of our houses and just as kind of a date night we had been planning anyway. 
It's funny cause when I was at my house 2 days ago when the power was out I had a 220 watt ac adapter running from my little Honda CRV, powering a 32" tv with rabbit ears and a small box fan. I had my iphone as my halfass comm. device and I was thinking, "this isn't that bad as long as i have these three things running." Of course the sun hadn't come out and heated things up yet like it is starting to now.

Here's some of the puddles i was driving through to get to my house. And my dog waiting to leave the flood zone.

This was all last week and I just got around to publishing it. I just moved to a new place in the country. My new roommate is also a coworker of mine, cool guy named Lee. There isn't a Whole Foods anywhere near here but I think I may have found a slaughter house that produces grass fed beef.
We just got the internet hooked up in the house and the fridge was delivered yesterday. No more living out of a dorm fridge.

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