Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fake Seymour Duncan pickup

I'm a big fan of Seymour Duncan pickups. Dimarzio lacks a warmth that I like in Duncan. I really dig Clint Lowery's tone on the side project Call Me No One. He has this half cocked wah pedal tone. I was advised through a few forums that Clint uses a Duncan Sh-11, basically an sh-5 with alinco II magnets. It gives you the vintage tone you want with more hotness. I'm all about the hotness. Becareful what deals you snatch up on ebay. This is not a Duncan pickup. It's a micro-phonic turd! Be careful of the turds you bid on on eBay.

 I understand having Clint's exact gear will not allow me to write songs like Sevendust. CMNO's guitar tone is so deep it rivals that of Dean DeLeo (STP). I have learned lately (this evening) that I don't like tube amps as much as I like a computer replicating a tube amp sound. Tube amps sound like chicken pot pie when cranked wide open. It's delicious yes, but you don't know where the chicken ends and the veggies begin. Most of the tube amps I've heard have a signature sound. Fender bassman's do country and blues like no one's business. Mesa's own the hard rock and metal industry with an iron fist. Peavey owns a sliver of the classic rock and metal industry because they can't produce a clean tone to save their effin' life! That's right, I said it, Peavey can't get the basic clean tone down. There was a part of me that was hoping that my Eleven Rack's 6505+ preset would look retarded in the light of an actual 6505+ tube combo amp. I post this embarrassingly with my tail between my legs. In the words of Mr. Anselmo, Peavey "can lick my sack."

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