Monday, October 8, 2012

Locked out

So I'm locked out of my facebook while they are confirming my identity. Weird but I know facebook is not big on anonymity. I've been keeping myself very busy. Bought a combo amp to play some live shows with. Met some guys who are forming a cover band and tried out for that. I've learned about half the set list. The set list is simple and fun stuff like:
Sublime - Santeria
Silverchair - Tomorrow
Joan Jett - I love Rock and Roll
Theory of a Deadman - Bad Girlfriend
Seven Mary Three - Cumbersome
Metallica - Enter Sandman

Lotsa good stuff from the 90's mostly. It's been a lot of fun learning these songs, whether I get into the band or not. If things don't work out with the band I might jump more into Crossfit. I don't like sitting still and enjoy meeting new people.

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