Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Life changing

It's funny how it feels like some physical things define you. i have a full size chevy truck I have enjoyed for a few years now along with a red Ibanez electric guitar and an acoustic guitar.I feel like objects subtly coerce us to do things a certain way. Depending on how I am seated in a vehicle I will drive faster or slower. I liked driving fast in my truck. My red ibanez pulled me towards sliding octave riffs and full out shred lead guitar.
I've never sold two objects that I have so much interest in at the same time. Never wanted to. Everything changes eventually. I find myself in a new life now, like a newly formed planet with planets shifting suddenly most of the time with little notice. If you have ever experienced this "re-inventing" by choice or not you find your priorities/wants/needs change quickly also. So of course these objects will have to be replaced with something more tailored to who I am now. I think I found them too. I'll post them once I get them. Anyway, goodbye old friends.


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