Saturday, August 11, 2012

Alien nation

I'm starting to understand that when you take on any diet, you should be prepared to go it alone. It's very possible no one will support you and some friends may down right think you are crazy. I've been on a Paleo diet for maybe a little over 2 weeks and haven't gained a pound, in fact I have lost 1 pound. I have been eating organic beef, pork (i don't cut the fat off either), fruits and vegetables and a sweet potato or two. I feel much better than I did on my Vegan diet. On the vegan diet I lost 50 lbs, which is great but I did not have the energy to work out, which I do not think is healthy.
I listen to Latest in Paleo with Angelo Coppola and find it very informative with a little bias towards the Paleo lifestyle naturally. This Paleo movement is something I'm very passionate about and unlike when I was living Vegan, I don't feel morally superior to others, especially because of what I eat. I'm not saying all vegans feel morally superior to people who don't maintain a healthy diet, just that I did. Since I've started Paleo I just want to tell everyone about it. That gets me back to my point that everyone you tell about your diet might think that you have lost your marbles. My body works sooooo much better since I have lost my marbles  and stopped eating things such as Little Debbie cakes and other grains.
Latest in Paleo's mantra...."We are not broken by default." I feel like my church tried to tell me the same thing. I believe this statement. God made us in his likeness and that design is not flawed. Even if you believe in evolution, do believe nature in all of it's splendor, rounded us into this package doomed for asthma, cancer, allergies and diabetes? If so, nature sucks. God does not make mistakes so to me Paleo makes since. I'm sure your probably thinking, doesn't the Caveman approach go more in line with evolution? Maybe  most things that you and I read are not 100% correct, even stories passed down. Do some research on how memories are recalled in the brain, it will blow your mind.
What I do know beyond doubt is that Paleo is producing very noticeable results for me. I've done a few "healthy" diets with a little success here and there but nothing like this. It's all these other diets I have tried and gained very few results that convince people to dismiss my claims. When I think deep down they might be too afraid to quit sugar and grains. It's much easier to think that I am crazy than to face the idea that grains and refined sugar might be very bad for you.  I wish you all health and happiness in whatever you choose to do.

Sources: "The Paleo Solution" by Robb Wolf and "Latest in Paleo" podcasts by Angelo Coppola available for free in the iTunes store.

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